Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my faithful followers:

May today be filled with blessings beyond compare, love that is felt deep within your hearts, and family who makes you smile!

Love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Scoop

I am linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop.  What are you up to this Sunday? Click the link or the pic to link up with us and give us the scoop on your Sunday.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

"This Is Where I Leave You" Linky

Our first month as a Book Club has ended and I must say that I loved our first book choice, "This is Where I Leave You" by Jonathan Tropper.  I always insist on reading the book before I see the movie.  It's just one of those things with me and my anal retentiveness way of getting the whole story before the movie changes everything.  The whole time I was reading, I did picture Jason Bateman as the main character, so I hope he doesn't disappoint me when I watch him on the big screen!

Thanks to Megan over at Cardigans and Caffeine for hosting and starting this book club.  She has made it so easy to post about our adventure with reading!  You can read all about our club and Megan's thoughts on our book by clicking the picture below or the link to her blog.

I used truthful as an adjective because I believe that all families act this way when dealing with something that brings a family together.  Just think of all the times we have spent with our families in "forced" situations (holidays, funerals, vacations, etc.) and then compare it to the casual times when we just get together with a few family members and not the whole gang.  Even during the fun we have and the catching up with stories, there are those moments when we get on each other's nerves and sides are taken.  Although we laugh about them at later events, we leer at each other while it is happening!  Oh the stories I can tell.  

The ending did leave something to be desired and I was left unsatisfied.  Now what?  I hate when authors do this, but I know it is a necessary evil.  It either sets us up for the next book or entices us to read everything the author has ever written!  I tend to come up with so many different scenarios and then have some heated discussions with my friends who also read the book.  In this case, I am hoping Judd finds love with someone new and who loves him for who he is and not who they want him to be.  Let's see what happens next...

I hope you join us on our book adventure!  If you are a member already, don't forget to link up!  

Saturday, October 4, 2014


What better way to get back into the blogging groove then to share what is currently going on in my life. School (my work and my specialist degree) have taken over my life, in every single way!  If anyone knows how that goes, it is all of you, my blogging buddies and my faithful followers.

Anyhoo, here is what is currently happening over here in my neck of the woods:

Listening:  I am almost finished with season 3 of Homeland!  I can't wait to finish, since the new season starts tomorrow.  I am addicted!

Loving:  First off let me start by saying how scared I am of every animal other than my Shelby.  That being said, I bit the bullet and adopted 2 guinea pigs for my classroom because the owner no longer wanted them. Our school is an environmental school and my good friend has pretty much brought a zoo into our lobby and her classroom.  I am joining the bandwagon and bringing these two lovely ladies to my classroom:

Meet Anna and Elsa
(mom is brown and daughter is the white and gray)

Thinking:  I have been MIA for a few weeks, but that doesn't mean that the ideas for posts are not filling my every thought.  I am making a list and slowly, but surely, the list will become reality here on my little slice of teacher life.

Wanting:  Moving to fourth grade was a dream come true, but I have to admit that i am overwhelmed. Between working in the new lessons to help teach the Florida Standards Assessment, teaching writing when I only have 30 minutes a day to teach it, sponsoring the Young Author's Club, working on my specialist degree in science, and all the other joys that life brings...I CAN'T fit it in.  Any ideas????

Needing:  See wanting for reasons why my house is a mess, lol.

Treat:  This week I decided that I wanted proof that my kids were reading the books they were checking out from the library.  I also want them to get used to summarizing in as few words as possible.  I came up with "Tweets to Repeat".  Students will recommend their books in 130 characters or less (ala Twitter requirements) and all tweets will be posted outside our classroom for all to see.  I whipped up these tweet speech bubbles and I thought you might like them. Click on the pic to head on over to the free download. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Student Grouping Dilemma

I have spent the day working on my student groups for reading.  The only data I have is last year's FCAT scores, so that is what I used for now.  My first class is filled with students who need so much intervention so it was hard for me to group them.  There isn't a low or a high in this group, but I love them to pieces and I hope that I can bring them to become great readers by the time we leave each other at the end of the year.  I am not used to having students at this level (I have always taught students who are gifted) and the challenge has brought me to tears this year.  I hate to say it, but at first I thought I did something wrong and that is why I was given a group who needed so much help.  Then my wise husband and a few of my teacher pals smacked me upside the head and told me that it is because I am the one who can help these kids succeed.  So now I have taken on this challenge and I am finding ways to help these kiddoes become the best they can.  Fourth grade has overwhelmed me beyond anything I ever experienced in first grade, but I LOVE it.

My second group is filled with students who are at higher FCAT levels and even though they are still in need of my help, they are a little more independent.  I do find that they finish the lessons faster than my morning group, so I need to have a few things up my sleeve for them.  In this group I have my first ESOL Level 1 student (also a first for me).  This student doesn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish, so we are just trying to get through this.  I think this has been the biggest frustration for me because I am at a loss as to how I can help this student learn.  Any ideas?  I paired her up with a Spanish speaker and I have labels around the room to help with visualization.  I just don't think it is helping.  I would love some ideas!

I came up with this color coded group chart for my groups and I wanted to share it with you.  I hope it is something you can use even if it is super simple in style.  Sometimes less is more and that is why I am using this. 

Have a great Sunday and a blessed week!